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“Nourish your body, feed your soul.”

Living true to that motto, Masrawy Egyptian Kitchen – one of Mississauga’s finest authentically Egyptian restaurants – is blazing a new path in the culinary scene!

Whether you already love Egyptian food or haven’t given it a chance yet, you’re invited to try a sensory experience that blends ancient Egyptian history with a modern, casual, and comfortable twist. The restaurant promises to leave both your spirit and palette delighted with unique, soulful flavours. Here are five reasons you absolutely need to visit Masrawy Egyptian Kitchen:

5. The food is authentic and so, so delicious.

Masrawy Egyptian Kitchen offers a deeply authentic taste of Egypt, presented through a blend of ancient and new. The famous Egyptian soul food, Macarona Bechamel, is served in authentic clay pots, and the massive Koshary platter mixes many elements together into a single fantastic dish (beginning with a generous serving of lentils, rice and pasta, topped with chickpeas, flagrantly fried onions, delicately spiced tomato sauce, garlic infused vinegar, and homemade hot sauce).

The grill menu offers many high quality options, from the incredibly flavourful Chicken Tikka to the triple AAA beef used in the Mixed Grill Platter. Masrawy Egyptian Kitchen even offers hard-to-make and time-consuming delicacies such as Kedba Eskandarani (Alexandrian style Beef liver), Mombar (hand stuffed sausages with seasoned rice and spices), and hand rolled grape leaves. Masrawy also hosts a unique brunch every single day, bringing together all the key elements of a true Egyptian breakfast.

4. The extensive, varied menu caters to everyone, including vegetarians.

This diversity in Egyptian cuisine allows the unique menu to offer lots of options for all preferences, including vegan, vegetarian and Paleo options. The restaurant believes that their dining experience often works best in a “family style”, where guests order several dishes in order to sample different flavours – sharing, passing, and indulging their palettes in a truly unique environment. Additionally, their fresh juices and daily specials keep things fresh, allowing even regular customers to get a different spin on their favourites!

3. It’s a genuine Egyptian experience from the moment you walk in.

A trip to Masrawy invites you into the hospitality of an Egyptian home, full of energy and a one-of-a-kind zest for life. The moment you walk through the doors, you’re immediately greeted by friendly and hospitable staff who can be seen buzzing through the main dining room, serving their guests with a commitment to true Egyptian hospitality.

The open atmosphere is reminiscent of Egyptian street-style restaurants, where you can sit amongst other guests under the exposed ceilings and street-style hanging bulbs, watching the kitchen staff busily prepare fresh Egyptian street food and national dishes.

2. The restaurant embodies love and passion for Egyptian cuisine.

Masrawy Egyptian Kitchen started as the ambitious dream of a young, second generation Egyptian-Canadian entrepreneur and his family. It grew thanks to their creativity, sacrifice, hard work, and dedication. No detail has been spared in this endeavor, which includes sourcing only the highest quality ingredients available in the industry, searching endlessly to secure the most authentic, rare, and unique flavours to create these diverse dishes, and hiring ambitious, kind, and hardworking staff who work to give every guest the best possible experience.

1. It’s already become a huge cultural phenomenon.

Since opening its doors in late 2018, Masrawy Egyptian Kitchen has quickly made its mark on the city’s food scene. The restaurant has received recognition and admiration from many top bloggers, influencers, and restaurant owners in the city who respect Masrawy’s hard work and unique atmosphere. Trailblazing and setting the stage for up-and-coming establishments, Masrawy has set the bar high for the next generation of restaurants in the city by staying honest, committed to quality, and never compromising on the principles and dedication it took to bring their passion project to reality.

There’s an ancient Egyptian proverb: “A beautiful thing is never perfect.” However, we think Masrawy comes pretty close!

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