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Cairo’s a bit far if you’re looking for authentic, home-cooked Egyptian food, but luckily Mississauga has its very own “Egyptian kitchen” where guests will experience renowned Egyptian hospitality from a staff that treats you like family.

Masrawy Egyptian Kitchen on Britannia Road is where you’ll find the heart of Masr (Arabic for “Egypt” and the informal name of Cairo) take form in your neighbourhood. Owner Mohamed Saleh will greet you upon arrival, help you through the menu, and make sure you feel right at home. Saleh’s been in Canada for 30 years, and remembers the guests that would frequent his home growing up — an inspiration for the restaurant.

“Everyone would come to our house, they’d love the hospitality, and they’d love the food,” he said. “But there was never a place they could go to try Egyptian food.” Saleh saw a lack of home-cooked Egyptian food offerings and thought, “I wish I could bring this home-cooked meal to the mouths of Canadian people.”

And so he did.

Masrawy began as a catering service in 2013, where Saleh and his team would prepare bulk orders of different Egyptian dishes. First, they cooked from home, then they rented kitchens, and then they built a commercial kitchen as the business grew. After growing in popularity and learning that his customers sought a more personalized experience, Saleh opened Masrawy Egyptian Kitchen in August 2018.

“I couldn’t have asked for anything more,” he said of the launch. Saleh credits his “phenomenal team” for helping him with the restaurant. He says the staff is like family, and he wants his guests to feel “like they’re at home.” The menu is dynamic; while some staple items remain, other offerings are constantly changing. Saleh’s team is constantly experimenting with different dishes they can offer on both Masrawy’s breakfast menu and regular menu.

Saleh offered me three of his most popular dishes: Koshari, Hawaoshi, and the Masrawy Fusion.

Let’s start with Koshari — Egypt’s national dish. It’s a mixed platter of rice, lentils, pasta, and chick peas served with fried onions, tomato sauce (spicy and regular), and dakka — a garlic-infused vinegar dressing. Hawaoshi, also a popular Egyptian street food, is similar to a hamburger, it’s got seasoned beef, sautéed onions, garlic, spices and authentic Balady bread. And then came time for the Masrawy Fusion; seasoned rice with garlic and hot sauce along with grilled chicken and beef.

“This isn’t an Egyptian dish, but it’s a dish everyone loves,” Saleh said. In addition to Egyptian dishes, Masrawy offers some menu options from other parts of the Arab world. If you’re hesitant to try any of the authentic menu items, this one will bring you back to a familiar palate. “We love what we do, bottom line,” he said. “We’re in for the satisfaction of the customer; we just want them to be happy.”

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